goodbye blogger

it has come time for me to say, "KWAHERI!" to my dear old blogger account and, "JAMBO!" to wordpress.
yes, yes, yes i have finally switched over. so take a moment to change my link in your blogroll or on your netvibes to THIS instead!




about time!

bless my lucky stars, never thought i would see the day!!
Yes my friends, Andrew's teeth are bare and brace-free. That boy and I got braces on at the same time- the summer of 2003, and he has FINALLY gotten them off.

x-ray uh-oh

I had to go to the doctor yesterday because my nose had been bothering me. so they checked it out and decided that i needed an x-ray. well in order to do an x-ray you really aren't supposed to have any metal on your face. . . since i got my nose pierced I am really not supposed to take it out for 6 weeks and im not about to just pop that sucker out.

Instead they just took an x-ray with it in. the doc was not pleased, but hey, c'est la vie.

wahhh! can you see it?!


so this one time when i was a nun. . .

i found this picture the other day. I was in "The Importance of Being Earnest" in high school (had to change Rev. Chausible to MOTHER Chausible, if you catch my drift).

yep. a nun. Tori's dream job. plus i had a butterfly net. ahh, quite enjoyable.

i had some pretty nifty other costumes. whats the snazziest costume you've ever sported?


colorado rocky mountain high

just busting out a little john denver, one of the greats. well i am in the be-a-utiful state of Colorado right now enjoying the fresh mountain air and amazing aspen trees. we are up skiing for a few days, but the roads were closed today because of strong wind so we couldnt. Visiting Dad and Elizabeth, always an experience thats for sure.
But, alas we shall return on the 4th.

waiting in line at breck to hop on the lift a hat i found in REI, thought it provoked this weird face? andrew enjoying the snow storm when we first got to denver

anyway, i hope everybody has a teriffic New Years, catch ya'll on the flip side


the way i see it #284

got this on my starbucks cup up here in Denver and i absolutely LOVE IT-

"You can't lead the people, if you don't love the people. You can't save the people, if you don't serve the people."- Cornel West (a professor from Princeton)

speak the truth Cornel, that is the way I see it as well



apparently nobody understood the Brittney Spears picture from my last post, but the reasoning was the fact that it said she had a NEWMAN.

see, Newman is my middle name and i thought thats what i read when i first saw the magazine.

yes, thats a random middle name.
yes, im aware its a guy in seinfeld. indeed.
but its a family name [great grandmother's maiden] and i love it. nobody else has it.

so, there you go all you poor tortured friends who were tormented by that. i didnt post that picture because of shiny teeth or pointy elf ears (?) but simply because of her new man
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